Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Racer Rebuild - Save Money & Make Your Old Bike Better Than A New One!

Stripped to the frame, cleaned, repainted and then the reassembly process begins. Attention to every detail. Making sure all the moving parts get proper adjustment, lubrication and are working perfectly. Suspension units are serviced, lubed and adjusted for the racers style, weight and ability.

Properly working suspension will make your bike preform like it was supposed to.  Most often over looked because it is a messy, time consuming job. Most people's suspension is working like crap! Taking the time to service yours will put you one up on the competition. This shows how dry and non-responsive rear shock linkage can get when not properly serviced. You should be cleaning and regreasing your suspension linkage two to three times a year. DON'T wait until it "squeeks" before servicing it!

A complete engine tear down and inspection. New Crank bearings and seals, Transmission gears and bearings are inspected. Never reuse crank bearings and seals or gaskets.

Crankshafts can be rebuilt for less then half the price of a new assembly. On small displacement bikes replacing the connection rod, and lower bearing and pin is a must. 

Rebuild the cylinder don't replace it unless absolutely necessary.  If you are rebuilding it, have it replated NOT sleeved. Modern motorcycle engines have plated cylinders. The engine is engineered to run properly with a plated cylinder. Sleeving it will change how it runs dramatically, and not for the better. Do it right, replate it.  Replace the piston, don't try to reuse high wear parts like pistons and rings. Good mechanics replace worn parts. If your bike is worth fixing, it's worth fixing right.  Always use new gaskets.  There is an old saying...there is no such thing as bad parts, only bad mechanics.

That's it for now. Taking the time to rebuild you bike correctly will make it perform better then someone that takes a brand new bike off the showroom floor and just races it.  Next time we'll talk about how to make this freshened up racer look as good as it performs.