Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Great For Winter Storage!

S100 MOTORCYCLE CORROSION PROTECTANT  No matter how clean you keep your bike, you always have to be on the lookout for that dreaded “enemy number one”, corrosion.  Unless you live in the desert, humidity, salt air, spring road salt and plain old pollution threaten your bike’s “precious metals”.  That’s why S100 developed Motorcycle  Corrosion Protectant.  Just spray on a clean, dry bike (or into a cloth) and rub into the areas you want to protect, those sensitive areas like fork tubes, chrome exhaust pipes, case covers and wheels (and don’t forget those hidden areas you can’t reach.).  You’ll find that S100 Motorcycle Corrosion Protectant won’t rub off easily in the rain and so its protection really lasts.  It even dramatically out-performed a famous so called “corrosion fighter”, so this is really the way to protect your investment! "Daytona Beach Salt Spray Tested!" Important note: This is the perfect product for winter lay up and long term storage. Spray directly on all sensitive areas and allow to dry. 7.2 oz can. $9.95  http://www.kevinscycleracing.com/crbikecare.htm